Tribal hires CodeWave for blazing fast system development

Tribal hires CodeWave for blazing fast system development

Tribal Worldwide had a daunting task of delivering a top-notch website for a California government agency with multilingual and accessibility requirements in a multi-stakeholder environment. To make the project feasible they hired an experienced Web Development team that built a tailored solution and delivered it within 8 weeks of inking the deal.

About Tribal

Tribal Worldwide is a global network of interactive agencies, established in 2000, when the advertising company DDB integrated all its interactive-web properties under the Tribal brand. Tribal Worldwide is part of Omnicom Group.

About Tribal’s client – California Public Utilities Commission

The CPUC regulates services and utilities, protects consumers, safeguards the environment, and assures Californians’ access to safe and reliable utility infrastructure and services.

The problem

When Tribal approached us with the task to build they had only a handful of requirements collected and a firm deadline marked in their calendar. Our first contact was in late February 2017 and they knew they needed to have the site designed, built and populated with content until May 2017th with very rigorous accessibility compliance (WCAG AA) and in multiple languages.

In a short tender procedure Tribal had collected offers from several development teams and after reviewing them – they picked CodeWave to deliver a Content Management System (CMS), implement page templates according to designs delivered by the Agency and implement a scalable infrastructure to support the site, based on AWS.

Tribal understood that to build a site like the one they needed called for a dedicated tool as adapting existing solutions would, in the end, cost much more than building a tailored system – that’s why they turned down offers that relied on solutions like SiteCore, Drupal.

“With SiteCore hourly rates starting north of $125 and knowing that a lot would have to be custom built – we felt very comfortable with CodeWave’s offer. They used their in-house CMS solution and adapted it to exactly fit our process. It was a lot more effective and, in the end, cheaper. ”

Marc Beharry – Senior SEO Strategist at Tribal Worldwide 

The solution

In a matter of 2 weeks after inking the agreement we assembled a basic team that began drafting the first revision of the CMS. We have a lot of experience working with CMS systems, delivering them in different scenarios since 2008 and a vast library of low-level building blocks to use. The rudimentary CMS that allowed copy entry and client work-shares was ready within the first 2 weeks.

We then iteratively improved to cover all the required functionality like multilingual editing process, support for screen readers (for users with disabilities), external integrations. We were ready to launch the site within next 6 weeks.


The first part of the website and it’s Content Management System was delivered within 8 weeks after the project began. Along with new content being created we were building and deploying additional pieces of the site in several sessions in Q2 and Q4 of 2017.

As always at CodeWave – the site is built with performance in mind, the site scores great in all web performance testing tools which makes it rank higher in search results as well.

Thanks to Tribal’s creative and CodeWave’s engineering efforts the site got nominated to the prestigious Webby award!

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