Yearly Archives: 2015

18 Dec

Intellectual Property in Poland vs China and India

  Your intellectual property is an important business asset. It gives you an advantage over your competitors, and distinguishes your brand. It is important to protect your intellectual property, particularly when you are doing business overseas. This includes when you are outsourcing software development nearshore or offshore, as well as trading in overseas markets. The

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13 Nov

CodeWave – How we do IT

Our software development process – step by step This is a description of our approach to software development. If you don’t feel like getting into too much details, see the TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version just below. TL;DR 1. You provide us with the requirements. 2. We clear out all the doubts (cooperating

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06 Nov

How Poland Is Taking the Global Lead in Software Development Outsourcing

Software development is becoming an increasingly important process for many businesses but what is software development outsourcing, and can it help your business? Software development outsourcing involves hiring development teams nearshore or offshore. The alternatives are to use a team of programmers and developers in your own country, or to directly recruit developers. The countries

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11 Sep

From peer-to-peer web calls to a call-center system

Over the last several years we’ve been working with several clients demanding audio/video functionalities for their systems. We have explored and abandoned numerous technologies. We’ve fought bravely against numerous enemies hiding in the shadows of Red5, Asterisk and WebRTC. We finally ended up putting bits and pieces of several open-source components in order to provide

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