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13 Jul

Tribal hires CodeWave for blazing fast system development

Tribal Worldwide had a daunting task of delivering a top-notch website for a California government agency with multilingual and accessibility requirements in a multi-stakeholder environment. To make the project feasible they hired an experienced Web Development team that built a tailored solution and delivered it within 8 weeks of inking the deal. About Tribal Tribal

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17 Mar

The Practicalities of Outsourcing – Poland vs India & China

When looking at outsourcing your software development, what are the factors that you should consider? How should you make your decision as to which team you choose, and what will it be like actually working with them? How much will it cost, how will you communicate with them, and how will the developers operate? These

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06 Mar

Processes to support IT nearshoring

Essential Tools and Processes for Remote Development Projects When you nearshore a software development project you have to rely on technology and well-thought-through processes to ensure it runs smoothly. A remote software development team with extensive experience of working with clients based in other countries will have these systems in place. They ensure the project

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16 Feb

How to do DevOps in a corporate world?​

DevOps is a highly efficient method of delivering software development projects quickly and reliably. It also enables continuous delivery, an efficient approach to software development where the project is delivered in short cycles so that the build, test, and release phases are more integrated and happen more frequently. This all sounds great, but how do

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02 Feb

The Great Build vs. Buy Software

There will come a time in your business when you will need new software. This could be to update old applications, to improve efficiencies, to expand your business, or for myriad other reasons. Whatever the reason, you will have a choice that has been faced by thousands of people before you – should you build

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23 Mar

Website performance vs. your business

How fast does your website load? Did you know it’s the key factor that can drop your visitor rates before they even take a look at how the website looks? Has your SEO ninja told you that the search engines use the website speed as one of the factors to rank search results? How much

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21 Mar

TCP slow-start

TCP Slow Start So, how about that TCP slow start everybody’s talking about (they’re not? duuh!)? Well, you might think of it as a security measure embedded in the lower layers of network communication that prevented the Internet from collapsing in the 1990s. It basically makes every network connection start at a slow rate and

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15 Mar

Performance – Yes we care!

It’s already common knowledge that site speed equals conversion. The giants shared their figures on this (quote amazon / google / microsoft etc) and it’s clear that the faster you deliver your content the more happy users you’ll have, which finally comes down to your profit. So how to keep that load time just under

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09 Mar

Ogłoszenie o przetargu

Szanowni Państwo Informujemy, że ogłosiliśmy przetarg na usługi doradcze w zakresie wdrożenia innowacji świadczone przez instytucje otoczenia biznesu akredytowane w obszarze usług doradczych w zakresie innowacji. Usługi będą realizowane w projekcie złożonym na konkurs w ramach poddziałania 2.3.1 Proinnowacyjne usługi IOB dla MŚP, działania 2.3 Proinnowacyjne usługi dla przedsiębiorstw, oś priorytetowa II: Wsparcie otoczenia i

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